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Yoga retreat for women at pristine beach and ocean waves close up, inviting serenity
womens yoga retreat on the beach executing a handstand on a stunning beach showcasing balance and strength


yoga retreat logo, symbolizing yogaion: yoga, surf retreats for women. blending tranquility with adventure

Come & Experience your perfect Yoga Retreat!



"Take a moment to reconnect, to bring your mind to your body. Take a moment at Yogaion retreats"

Welcome to your Yoga Retreat! 

Where peace and tranquillity flourish amidst the stunning natural beauty of the Costa Vicentina natural park in Portugal and now also in the serene landscapes of Cantabria, Spain.

Recognised as one of the premier yoga retreats in Portugal, Yogaion offers an enriching blend of yoga & pilates practices tailored to rejuvenate both body and mind. Each session is thoughtfully crafted by our highly skilled and compassionate teachers: Shaini & Cata. Ensuring a deep, philosophical connection through diverse movement practices such as: Yin Yoga & Sculpt Yoga. The latter is a mix of Yoga alignment, Pilates & Resistance training.


Embrace the connection of nature through surfing along the breathtaking beaches of Portugal and Spain, seamlessly integrating with our yoga retreat for an exhilarating experience. For those seeking a more tranquil yoga retreat, discover our nourishing package featuring massage treatments, a mindfulness session & a cooking workshop. Practices designed to reconnect and recharge your spirit.

At Yogaion, every meal is a feast for the senses - prepared with love, using only the freshest, sustainably-sourced ingredients, served at our picturesque yoga retreat locations. Here, every detail is tuned to harmony and sustainability, honouring our commitment to an ecological approach since 2010.

Founded by yoga & movement teacher Shaini Verdon, Yogaion is more than a yoga retreat - it is a sanctuary where everyone is invited to find retreat, stay close to nature, and embrace a lifestyle of wellness and ecological mindfulness.

Join Shaini and her dedicated team on this incredible Yoga retreat journey. With retreats scheduled throughout the year, we offer intimate group settings perfect for personal growth and transformation. Dive deep into the essence of yoga, surf and pure nourishment.

Rediscover your rhythm with Yogaion - where every yoga retreat is an adventure, every breath a renewal


​This Yoga retreat in Portugal will be an incredible experience amidst the most stunning settings of the Algarvian southwest coast.  Come and experience a wonderful, nourishing retreat mixture of superb Yoga, and depending on your package: great surf by highly qualified teachers, a cooking workshop, a mindfulness session, massages & the best healthy, nutritious, yummy food.

women demonstrating core workout in plank position during yoga and pilates retreat
love for womens yoga and surf retreat written on the beach in portugal evoking peaceful vibes
yoga retreats for women featuring three ancient hindu head sculptures, symbolizing wisdom and peace
close up of woman surfing on surfboard. feet cross-stepping while riding a wave
woman meditating on beach during yoga retreat viewed from a cave during  yoga retreat. embracing ocean serenity.

The Pause retreat

Escape to this Yoga retreat in Portugal in tranquillity of the southwest coast, amidst a natural park. Where we will nourish our bodies through movement, nurturing practices & meditation. To Pause. An Exploration of what is longing to be healed. Reconnect back to yourself amidst the restorative powers of nature in this embodied transformative yoga retreat journey. It will be a week of connecting, embodiment & laughter.  A Connection to our inner & outer nature.

Women's sculpt retreat

This Womens Yoga retreat in Spain in the magical rolling green hills of the North coast. Will be an immersive experience, into our female embodiment.

Sculpt your body, mind & soul


Bringing us in contact with our strength, our female power. Combining the element of water through surf & healing thermal springs. Using sculpt yoga as an embodied somatic practice, nourishing our body with delicious foods that not only feed our body but touch our soul.​

women experiencing stunning sunset at Somo beach during a yoga retreat in Cantabria
strength yoga retreat with functional core workouts
yoga retreat for women's health and wellness
yoga retreat introducing surfing vibes


"The Yoga retreat at Yogaion  is heaven!"
~Lisa, France

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