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best yoga retreats Portugal

Yoga & Surf
A fusion of nature & soul


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"Take a moment to reconnect, to bring your mind to your body. Take a moment at Yogaion retreats"


Imagine peace & tranquillity in the most beautiful surroundings, amidst the coastal natural park of the Costa Vicentina, Portugal. The Yoga retreats, named by many as one of the best yoga retreats in Portugal, combine different styles of daily yoga classes by highly qualified, caring teachers infused with philosophical intention. Adding surf, on the most breathtaking beaches. And if surfing is not your vibe there is the deep nourishing package with massage treatments, mindfulness & cooking sessions to reconnect & recharge. This is all topped up with the most yummy delicious meals prepared with love at a stunning location.

"Through Yogaion retreats I wanted to create an authentic & honest place to 'retreat', staying close to nature and hosting it in the most sustainable & ecological way, a retreat where everyone is welcome" Since 2010 Yoga teacher Shaini Verdon has been organising Yogaion retreats. A mixture of yoga, surfing & nourishment.

Throughout the year on specific dates, Shaini & her team welcome small groups for this fantastic retreat experience.

The retreat is the ultimate getaway containing 3 different packages:


  2. YOGA & SURF



The retreat will be an incredible experience amidst the most stunning settings of the Algarvian southwest coast of Portugal.  Come and experience a wonderful, nourishing mixture of superb Yoga, and depending on your package: great surf by highly qualified teachers, a cooking workshop, a mindfulness session, massages & the best healthy, nutritious, yummy food.

Yogaion yoga retreats in Algarve, Portugal
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the Pause Retreat Yogaion yoga and surf Portugal

The Pause retreat

Escape to the tranquillity of the southwest coast of Portugal, amidst a natural park.  Where we will nurture our bodies through movement, nurturing practices & meditation. To Pause. An Exploration of what is longing to be healed. Reconnect back to yourself amidst the restorative powers of nature in this embodied transformative journey. It will be a week of connecting, embodiment & laughter.  Connection to our inner & outer nature.

Women's sculpt retreat

This retreat will be an immersive experience, into our female embodiment, designed to transform more than your body.

Sculpt your body, mind & soul

What happens when we connect to our true selves? When we really listen?

This retreat will soften & empower us. Bringing us in contact with our strength, our female power. Combining the element of water through surf & healing thermal springs. Using sculpt yoga as an embodied somatic practice. Nourishing our body with  delicious foods that not only nourish our body, but touch our soul.

This retreat will be a time to reconnect back to our feminine essence. 

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womens strength and yoga retreat
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womens surf retreat



"The Yogaion Retreat is heaven!"
~Lisa, France
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