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Astrology at retreat
Astonomical Clock

Astrology reading (45€ per session)

Natal chart

The Natal Chart is a map related to the energy of each individual, like the DNA from our soul.
At the moment of birth, the planets and luminaries are in a specific position in the sky, which represents functions in us, including the emotional, the way that we communicate, how we put limits on ourselves, and how are relationship is connected to the resources, etc.

The time of the meeting is one hour. We will start with 5 minutes of relaxation with aromatherapy, and we will continue with the astrological interview where I will ask some questions about you.

In the first session, I will explain the predominant elements (water, air, earth or fire) in your natal chart, also we will focus on the Moon (your emotional system), the Sun (your identity/conscience) and the Ascendant or Rising Sign (your social/public-facing personality). After the meeting, you will receive an email with the recording and drawing of your natal chart.
If you wish to delve deeper into your natal chart, you can schedule follow up sessions.

About Andrea Contreras Clemente

Hello, I'm Andrea from Caracas, Venezuela, and I graduated as an Accountant in 2007. By the age of 22, I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I began an adventure, completely different to my life in the accountancy world.
The fact that Argentina uses many tools of Psychoanalysis, one of which is Astrology, fascinated me, because I am a deeply interested in human behavior and the existence of humanity.
When I studied this ancient language, I was amazed by how many doors it opened, allowing me to get to know myself on a deeper level. It has accompanied me, to this day, on my journey to truly discovering myself.
Currently, I'm living in Aljezur, Portugal, and this small town allows me to observe how we are really influenced by the stars and the universe in our daily lives, how we are human patterns, and if we are not aware of them, we are going to repeat them forever without using our full human potential.

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