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20min hip & glutes mobility & strength practice

20 minutes of hips & glutes. Tight hips often signal weakness, not just tension. In this video, I include strengthening, mobility & dynamic stretching before we get into our passive stretching and even then we will infuse the latter with an essence of activity.

Optional Props: 0,5 -1 kilo ankle weights

Leave me a comment below or drop me a line at if you have any questions and to let me know how those hips & glutes are feeling!

About Sculpt Yoga

Welcome to a journey of empowerment and transformation through movement and mindfulness. After becoming a mother at 41 and navigating the complex landscape of hormonal health for many years, I discovered a profound need to reclaim my body’s narrative. This channel is dedicated to women like me—those who are seeking to stand up for their health and connect with their inherent wisdom.


With over 20 years of intensive yoga practice, I found myself searching for more, especially as I navigated the challenges of pre and postnatal phases and the natural aging process. This led me back to my fitness roots, which began long before my yoga journey. By reintegrating strength training, Pilates, mobility exercises, and functional core workouts into my routine, I began to see transformative results that yoga alone could not achieve.


This integration sparked a revelation: What if it were possible to combine the mental and physical synchronization of yoga and meditation with the low-impact, comprehensive benefits of Pilates and resistance training? Furthermore, incorporating the feminine grace of water and the deep, elemental connection to the ocean that two decades of surfing provided, I found my answer.


Thus, Sculpt Yoga was born—a somatic, body and mind awareness program designed specifically to empower women. This channel will guide you through the Sculpt Yoga practice, focusing on taking an active role in your own healing. Here, you’re encouraged to maintain control, to explore, observe, and learn intimately about your body and mind. It’s about empowering you to shed self-imposed limitations and emerge stronger, more resilient, and fully capable of taking care of yourself.


Each video and session is crafted to help you build strength, enhance mobility, and foster a deep connection between body and mind. Through guided practices, you’ll discover how to synchronize your movements with your breath, harnessing the quiet power of focused, deliberate action.


Join this community of strong, resilient women by subscribing and turning on notifications—you’re not just watching a channel, you’re joining a movement! Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, step by step. Your body, your control, your empowerment.


Practice you ❤️


With love,


Comments (2)

1 day ago

As a male,I would like to read up on your practice.

I'm sure there is something for me.

My knee gave me problems till I started doing more exercise and going swimming and dropping weight.


Apr 22

I so much enjoyed this first 20 min. class that you are sharing here! And also that you are sharing more of your teachings online, can’t wait for the rest. I definitely felt my hips and more so felt more grounded afterwards! ❤️🙏

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