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Shaini Verdon

Shaini is the founder & organiser at Yogaion retreats.  Her love for yoga started in 2000 after being in the field of dancing,  fitness & martial arts from a very young age and always having big philosophical questions about life. Following different yoga styles, certifying herself over the years in Hatha, Anusara & Iyengar yoga. After many years of training she got certified in 2017 as a level 2 Iyengar, but in 2022 decided to let go of her Iyengar teacher status as she wants to be able to explore different types of Yoga & other movement modalities in her own practice & teaching.


Besides her Yoga certificates she is also a FRC® mobility specialist & ISSA® corrective exercise specialist. She uses all these different modalities to create a mindful movement experience.

She is immensely fascinated by how the human body moves & the inner workings of the mind. Currently, she is studying yoga combined with physical therapy to deepen her awareness of the movement possibilities of the human body.

She also has a deep passion for the feminine side of yoga, working with the female cycles to encourage female health & create a profound connection to our ever-changing bodies. Her connection to the female side of Yoga started when she suffered for a long time from undiagnosed endometriosis of which she was finally able to heal through a combination of allopathic medicine, alternative medicine including diet, cycle awareness & herbal medicine and through her yoga practice which gave her an immersed sensitivity to her own body.


Her teaching is based on creating awareness through mindful movement. Exploring functionality, mobility & stability within the body & soul.  Staying playful along the way. Through verbal alignment, precise hands-on adjustments and bringing awareness into the practice she creates a warm, joyful safe & loving space.


(Currently studying) Yoga & physical therapy

Corrective exercise specialist at Issa trainer

FRCms (functional range conditioning specialist)

IYENGAR® Yoga introductory level 2

Anusara® Yoga certified 

Health coach at Integrative nutrition

Hatha Yoga certified at school of Yoga institute

Sportmassage therapist

Inês Forjaz

Inês Forjaz was the first certified IYENGAR® yoga intermediate Senior 1 in Portugal, born in Sintra. She started her practice in 1999 and passed through several yoga schools, but since discovering IYENGAR® in 2007, she hasn’t looked back.
She lived in Nice for a long time while completing her first training with the great Christian Pisano and always sees herself as a yoga student, continuing to travel to study with Christian, Patxi Lizard, Faeq Biria and Patricia Walden, some of the best and most experienced teachers in the world.

She currently teaches in her hometown of Sintra and organises & teaches at retreats. She also assists during the IYENGAR® teacher training exams, facilitating & leading the way for new teachers. 

Her teaching style is warm & precise. Infused with her deep rooted experience in the practice.


IYENGAR® Yoga intermediate Senior 1

IYENGAR® Yoga intermediate Junior 3

IYENGAR® Yoga intermediate Junior 2

IYENGAR® Yoga intermediate Junior 1

IYENGAR® Yoga introductory level 2

Sofia Mestre


Sofia started her yoga journey with vinyasa yoga in which she has certified herself. 10 years ago she discovered Iyengar yoga and has been a dedicated practitioner of this style of yoga ever since.

For 3 years she is doing a mentorship to become a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

For her, the physical and mental benefits experienced through yoga have been rewarding and life-changing. She aims to share these with other people in a safe and productive environment with a sense of fun and enjoyment.

Influenced by her teachers, peers, and travels, she works to bring a unique sense of empowerment to her classes. She teaches dynamic but accessible flow classes with a blissfull restorative element., introducing themes during the sequences and breathing work, allowing the students to experience a moving meditation.

Through meditation, pranayama and asana her goal is that the students achieve a positive healthy mindset every day.



200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Senior teacher Marco Peralta 

On going: Mentor Teaching Training Intermediate Level 1 & 2 in Iyengar Yoga with Senior teachers Rachel Lovegrove,  and Inês Forjaz.



"We have done this retreat 3-4 times and it's always great, yoga, surfing, food and location. The yoga teaching is excellent and we benefit from her knowledge and learn everytime more and more."

~Silvia, Marc & Nico, Swiss

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