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meditation guidance

Meditation guidance 

30 min. – 40 euro

60 min. – 55 euro

90 min. - 75 euro

Have you always wanted to learn how to meditate?
Or do you want to dive deeper into your meditation practice?

Would you like to learn new ways on how to approach your meditation struggles?
And do you want to learn about the most common ´´mistakes´ and myths around meditaton?
A meditation guidance session is a great opportunity to learn and practice under the professional guidance of Liz. 

About Elisabeth Tiesinga

(Liz) is a certified mindfulness trainer since 2012 and has a personal mindfulness practice for over 13 years. She is from Dutch origin and settled in the West Algarve about 10 years ago. She has been offering the official and evidence based 8 week mindfulness programs (MBSR and MBCT-L) for 9 years in the area of the West/South Algarve. Besides the 8 week program she also offers mindfulness workshops and one-to-one coaching and guidance. Liz also works as a birth doula since 2021. She offers mindfulness practices as a way to prepare for birth and to work with the intense sensations of labor. She also brings a mindful appoach into her work as grief companion, supporting people in navigating the often unknown fields of grief and loss. Her participants and clients describe her as authentic, caring, non-judgemental, emphatic, a great listener and skilled trainer. She lives a simple live in nature with her partner, daughter, dog, cats and chickens.

You will meet Liz during the retreats as she is also part of the hosting and facilitating team of Yogaion!

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