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Ode to BKS Iyengar

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

As I start my yoga practice this morning, I can't help but feeling a deep gratitude. A deep gratitude to Guruji Bks Iyengar who passed away peacefully yesterday at the age of 95, whilst not long before still doing his daily practice which also consisted of a 40minute sirsana, daily... The gratitude is arising while I am practicing, becoming aware of my alignment in each pose, and trying to let intelligence run through my body, so that my body is not only making movement but movement enveloped with consciousness, ...Yoga. And I realize that I am practicing in this way because of Guruji, because of his dedication and his sharing. For this I want to thank you Guruji, you have left such a legacy to the world, which will be shared and practiced for hopefully centuries, helping and aiding people along their path, just as it is on mine. Namaste & with love Shaini

bks iyengar & Iyengar Yoga at Yogaion retreats

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