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Everything is cyclical

Everything is cyclical: the universe has its cycle, the seasons, the moon and the monthly cycle, the sun and the daily cycle. The seasons. Nature is cyclical and it affects our bodies. We can find a strong connection in humanity to this cycle through myth and the stories of rebirth and renewal. In a sense that is what we as humans: our bodies & minds, go through every single moment of the day, month & year. A constant flow of rebirth and renewal.

"The ocean's dance with the moon, sun, and earth creates a resonance that echoes within us. Our bodies, composed of 70% water, respond to this celestial ballet in ways that are deeply rooted in our being. Ancient cultures have always sensed this connection, believing the ocean's tides to reflect the ebb and flow within us."

What if you could use this cyclical way of living in your day-to-day life... What if you had permission to think of life differently…to think of it in a way that actually gives you permission to not live in the work-produce mode of operation that leaves you either feeling stuck or burnt out more often than you care to admit, but rather honours the natural rhythms that are around you in everyday life?

Natural rhythms like nature communicates with us:

  • Seasons

  • Lunar cycle

  • Plants growing phases

  • Menstrual cycle

  • Natural expansion and contraction phases–when you consider your life, you likely can notice these types of years that you’ve been through.


As Yogis & surfers, we have a strong connection to these rhythms.

As a Yogi through your practice, you have experiential insight into the unique form and shape of your individual embodiment. It allows you to understand what is happening as it is happening, and gives you the tools to adjust your practice to constantly fluctuating conditions, moment by moment. It taps into your essence and shows you step by step where you are at and how to honour that space.

"Yoga is an invitation to step into the cyclical rhythms of your body & mind and to release the fears that prevent you from living fully and inline with your true nature."


Through surfing we can also tap into this awareness as a surf-awakening can happen: as we deeply connect to nature and its tremendous power. The ocean does not conform to any manmade laws nor to the work-produce mode of operation we have created, but instead to laws that are much bigger and more powerful than we are. Laws that are sometimes too complex to understand, which makes the ocean and its waves unpredictable. It forces surfers to become proactive and reactive, by having to pay extreme attention to their senses, instincts, and the environment around them. Unconsciously we are paying extreme attention to the cyclical rhythms of the ocean. Therefore, every experienced surfer knows that successfully riding a wave consists of adapting to the ocean, not by trying to control it but to go just ride a long. This can also cause a meditative flow state. A state of serenity but increased mental activity during which surfers do not only connect with themselves but nature. No wonder surfing is frequently perceived as a unique spiritual experience.

"Riding a wave is for many, a highly spiritual experience which presents itself as an outward expression of their yoga & meditation practices"


At Yogaion retreats we combine the dance of Yoga & Surf. Of the sun & moon. Of eating according to the seasons. Of practicing along with the hours of the day. So that we once again can reconnect back to our essence, to our rhythms, to our true nature. This will not only have a tremendous effect on our health, our state of mind and our well-being. But I also truly believe that this is the way forward to (re)connect to our home, our planet, and our mother Earth. Not to go backwards in time but instead to use our history our past, with all its ups and downs, to 'progress' in a way that is not detrimental to our planet our bodies, our minds and our souls.

"If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees."


This year we start again with a new cycle of retreats at Yogaion. Where we, once again, have also gone through a rebirth and renewal cycle. One where the soul and the spirit remain the same but the change through growth develops. One where we want to share our knowledge, our most precious gift of time, with you. So that we can grow together on this amazing journey called life.

With love,


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