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We realise that being sustainable is not always an easy feat & that travelling in itself is not a very sustainable practice, so we do our best to make changes however small, as we believe that every little bit will help.

During the Yoga retreats, we share a natural, eco-friendly & nourishing way of living, providing our delicious meals from farm to plate mostly organic & local. Staying in a wonderful house, which works with renewable energy, located just a few kilometres away from the beach. 

All the waste during the Yoga retreat gets recycled and organic waste will go to our compost to later be used in our gardens. 
The Yoga retreat is only aimed at small groups, no mass tourism!

The surf lessons are mainly given on the beautiful beaches of the costa vincentina national park,  sharing this incredible natural coast with it's stunning beaches! We use one surf van to bring you to the surf, so that we limit the use of cars. During the retreats we do not use any disposable service items that our not biodegradable and the guests will get bpa free water bottles which they can use instead of plastic ones, and reusable lunch boxes to take to the beach so that we reduce the use of plastics, and prevent more from spoiling this gorgeous environment.The entire house is smoke free & we discourage guests to smoke, even in the outside areas.There will also be towel & linen reuse program at the quinta, which daily saves water, electricity, soap, and labor, and it reduces the wear and tear on towels & linens so that you don't have to replace them as frequently.



investing locally

saving energy & water

protecting nature

protecting culture

small groups



mass tourism


food waste


"Great combo of yoga, surf and delicious own-grown food”

This was a perfect retreat, hidden in a little valley bursting with life among a welcoming community aiming to live in sustainable self-sufficiency (permaculture), with just a short walk to the sea.

~Andrzej, Brussels

Come and join our wonderful Yoga retreats on the south-west coast of Portugal for responsible tourism.

Yoga , Surf & Nourish retreat

Yoga & Nourish package

Yoga & Surf package

Yoga, Surf & Nourish package

Costa Vicentina Natural Park

The costa vicentina national coastal park starting close to Lagos, is a stunning place for surf  and also a great place for hiking as the vicentina trail goes all the way from Sagres to Sines. On you can find more info on the amazing trails.

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