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yoga & movement classes
With Shaini Verdon


Practice You

For my weekly Yoga class schedule please contact me on whatsapp +351 960 240 584

prices 35€ for 5 classes or 10€ drop ins.

Shaini has a deep passion for the feminine side of yoga, working with the female cycles to encourage female health & create a profound connection to our ever-changing bodies. Her connection to the female side of Yoga started when she suffered for a long time from undiagnosed endometriosis of which she was finally able to heal through a combination of allopathic medicine, alternative medicine including diet, cycle awareness & herbal medicine and through her yoga practice which gave her an immersed sensitivity to her own body.

As a certified IYENGAR® yoga teacher,  FRC® mobility specialist,  ISSA® corrective exercise specialist and holding Anusara & Hatha Yoga certificates. She now teaches  Iyengar Yoga in a non traditional way.

She is immensely fascinated by how the human body moves & the inner workings of the mind. 

Currently, she is studying Pilates to deepen her awareness of the movement possibilities of the human body.

Her teaching is based on creating awareness through mindful movement.  Exploring functionality, mobility & stability within the body & soul.  Staying playful along the way. She is there for you as a guide so you can become your own best teacher. Being your authentic self, practising you.


(Currently studying) Pilates

Corrective exercise specialist at Issa trainer

FRCms (functional range conditioning specialist)

IYENGAR® Yoga introductory level 2

Anusara® Yoga certified 

Health coach at Integrative nutrition

Hatha Yoga certified at school of Yoga institute

Sportmassage therapist

local organic yoga retreat food
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