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The Yoga, Surf & Nourish

Is part of the amazing Yoga, Surf & Nourish retreat. It will be a wonderful experience amidst the most stunning settings of the Algarvian southwest coast of  Portugal.  Come and experience a great, nourishing mixture of superb yoga, superb surf by highly qualified teachers, a cooking workshop & the best healthy, nutritious, yummy food. The retreat is set up in such a way that everyone get’s what they are looking for by choosing from the following 3 packages:


Yoga & Surf

Yoga & Nourish

Yoga, Surf & Nourish


There will be twice daily yoga classes, aligning the body, mind & being. We start the morning with a more invigorating class, working through alignment principles connecting the intelligence of the brain with the space of the heart. In the evening after a splendid day of surf, there will be a restorative session, calming the senses & relaxing the body. The surf will give you a chance to connect with the Ocean & see some of the most beautiful beaches around. For the guests that will join  the Yoga, Surf  & Nourish package there will be also be an wonderful cooking workshop. Connecting this all together is the wonderful food we will share. Based on a healthy, nourishing diet. Mostly organic & seasonal and definitely absolutely delicious. Cooking a smorgasbord of different dishes so that everyone can have a choice of what they enjoy and even people with dietary allergies & intolerances will be in for a treat. During the retreats the groups will be kept small no more than 10-12 surfing yogis, so that everyone get’s the personal attention they need and the ambience can become one of friends.




Yoga & Surf ~ 10 yoga classes & 4 days surf

Yoga & Nourish ~ 10 yoga classes, 1 mindfulness session, 1 cooking workshop, 2 amazing massages.


Yoga, Surf & Nourish ~ 10 yoga classes, 3 days surf & 1 cooking workshop 


All the packages will include 

  • 6nights stay at the charming luxury Quinta

  • 3 healthy, abundant vegetarian meals a day [cooked and prepared freshly by loving hands every single day! Most of the food we will eat will be organic & or local.]

  • all filtered water & herbal tea

  • all yoga classes

  • all yoga mats etc

  • Recipes of the week

Specifically for the Yoga, Surf & Nourish

  • 3 days beginner surf lessons

  • all surf gear

  • transport to & from the beach

  • cooking workshop


NOT includeD 

  • flights

  • airport transfer

  • travel insurance

  • massage

Surf lessons

All the surf lessons will be given by the qualified & amazing team of  Future surf school

Surf lessons


Massage treatments (1 hour 55€ / 1.5 hour  70€)

Private mindfulness session (15€ pp starting from 3p)

Surf lessons (for prices please inquire)

Aura & Soul reading (65€)

Meditation Guidance (from 40€)

Example day Yoga, Surf & Nourish

7.30 wake up to the sound of the ocean

8.00 inspiring yoga class

9.30 yummy Breakfast

11.00 surf pick up

surf & lunch at beach

18.00 restorative yoga class

19.30 delicious dinner

20.30 go out to watch the stars or sit by the fireplace

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