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I love the seaside

Overcoming your fear in surfing can make all the difference between having an exciting session, or being frustrated and withdrawing, tail between legs. You probably already know that yoga exercise can help you get your body surf-fit and flexible, but have you thought about how much some simple yoga exercises can also help you calm your nerves? We asked avid surfer and passionate yogini, Shaini Verdon, to explain what happens in our bodies when we feel anxious and what we can do to overcome fear and doubt before hitting the waves.

By Shaini Verdon for I love the Seaside

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5 Yoga poses before you surf before hitting the water most of us like doing some stretches on the beach heating up the muscles. All though this is a great way to start and a good time to check the waves, it’s even better if you do the right poses that reach exactly those areas that are needed for your surf. This short yoga sequence will not only improve your surfing, but will also aid with the mental focus needed in the waves.

By Shaini Verdon for Surfgirl

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About Yoga & Surf. I've never been that kind of surfer girl, all Indian tea and flowers in my hair. I did started attending a yoga class once, but ended after a while for lack of constancy.

Surfing and (before) snowboarding I've always had a love-hate relationship with my body, my always sore muscles and that feeling of tiredness that won't leave me for a while.


That's why I decided it's time to change. We own our body A LOT for all the efforts it makes to let us entertain. So, if we can't just treat it as a temple, let's say we can start by treating it as a luxury Parisian loft.... Which is not that bad!


Today I'm sharing with you the itw Surfragette had with the lovely Shaini Verdon - yogini, surfer, amazing human being, as well as a dear friend of mine. Shaini will tell us how practicing yoga improved her life and surf.
Maybe I'll start myself again!

By Marta Tomasini & Shaini  Verdon

for Surfragette the Journal

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best beaches for yoga reteat Vogue

Why the Algarve should be on If you’ve scrolled through Instagram within the last year or so, then you already know that Portugal is the place to go. It has turned up on more must-visit lists lately than nearly anywhere else. And no wonder—the sun-soaked, western sliver of southern Europe has much to offer: rich culture, beautiful architecture, and a dazzling culinary scene. (Not to mention the well-styled hotels that are the stuff of social media dreams.) While scores of travelers are drawn to the vibrant cities of Lisbon and Porto, would-be visitors should also look to the south—namely, the Algarve region—for an under the radar coastal retreat that’s full of authentic Portuguese,” which is scrambled Latin used by designers to mimic real copy.Although equal in beauty to neighboring Mediterranean mainstays like Majorca and St.-Tropez, the Algarve is still enjoying relative obscurity—but with glittering new resorts popping up along the coastline, a handful of Michelin-starred restaurants, and a delicious type of wine you won’t find anywhere else, it’s only a matter of time before that’s no longer the case.

By Lindsay Lambert Day for Vogue magazine

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What makes the perfect beach? We think we’ve found it!

It’s an argument we’ve had time and again on the Travel desk: what makes the perfect beach?

There’s no such thing as perfection, of course — some killjoy will always pick holes — but, despite the lost tempers, we’ve reached a loose consensus. And, last summer, we may have stumbled across an arc of sand that ticks almost all of our (highly subjective) fantasy-beach boxes. The best beach in Europe? We’re sticking our necks out and saying yes.

 And, last summer, we may have stumbled across an arc of sand that ticks almost all of our (highly subjective) fantasy-beach boxes. The best beach in Europe? We’re sticking our necks out and saying yes.


By Martin Hemming for the Sunday Times

Full article here

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