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FAQ retreats

What does the week look like?

Day 1 arrival day, check-in from 15hr onwards & lovely welcome dinner at around 19.30pm.

Day 2-6 daily programs depending on the chosen package of twice daily yoga, surf, massage, mindfulness etc.

Day 4 surf free day, if Yoga, Surf & Nourish this will be the day of the cooking workshop and can be used for everyone to book (extra) treatments and relax.

Day 7 departure day, the last yoga class will be on Thursday evening. We end on Friday with a shared breakfast, hugs & I see you later (no goodbyes :-)), check out is before midday. (for examples of the days go the retreats in the menu, each one will have its specific example day)


What time does the retreat start and on which day is the first class?

Day 1 is an arriving day, arrivals are welcome from 15hr onwards and the retreat starts at around 19.30hr with a delicious, welcome dinner. The first classes will be the next day. The retreat ends on day 7 and check-out is at 12hr. The last class will be on day 6 in the evening.
What is included in the price?
In all the Yoga, Surf & Nourish packages:
  • 6nights stay at our wonderful venue

  • 3 healthy, abundant vegetarian meals a day [cooked and prepared freshly by loving hands every single day! Most of the food we will eat will be organic & or local.]

  • all filtered water, herbal tea & coffee

  • 10 yoga classes

  • all yoga mats etc

Extra in the different packages:

  • SURF package: 4 days of surf

  • NOURISH package: 2 massage treatments; 1 cooking workshop; 1 mindfulness session

  • SURF & NOURISH: 3 days surf & 1 cooking workshop

What is NOT included in the price?

  • flights & travel costs

  • airport transfer

  • travel insurance (please be sure to take a travel insurance that covers COVID-19 issues!)

  • Extras outside of package 

Can I join if I am a novice at Yoga?
It is no problem to join if you are a beginner yoga student! The only qualities asked of all the students are:
1. An open attitude
2. Curious mind
3. Motivation 
Can I join if I never surfed before?

Yes you can! The surf lessons are aimed at complete beginners. If there are 4 intermediate surfers then they can also be catered for.


What kind of Yoga do you offer at the Retreats?

We practice Mindful Yoga at Yogaion retreats. With its roots in Hatha & contemporary Yoga. Mindful yoga, or mindful exercise, requires paying attention and being fully present when you are moving. It means listening to your body. We use the Yoga practice as a means to get to know ourselves better. In this way, there is no importance put on the physical aspect so difficult poses do NOT become the goal. Instead, each and every pose gives us the invitation to dive deep within our inner landscapes. Read more here
Which is the nearest airport?
Faro airport is the closest from which airport transfer can be arranged, please email for the exact price, as it can be shared with others. Lisbon is also possible and has a very good train & bus connection Lagos. From Sevilla there is a bus to Lagos.


How do I get there?

Yogaion can arrange airport transfer at an extra cost to the retreat in Lagos & Aljezur.

1. Airport transfer from Faro airport to Lagos or Aljezur (for price please email)

2.Rent a car from Faro airport
3. Bus/ train to Lagos and then taxi to Aljezur or bus to Aljezur & taxi to retreat.
4.Lisbon airport, train/ bus to Lagos then step 3 to Aljezur. 
For info on bus times see and for trains
You can also rent a car via Yogaion or book an airport transfer via
What should I bring?
In the Algarve we are blessed with a temperate climate this means nice, warm summers which never get too hot and overall great spring, fall and winter with a lot of sunny days! In the summer (June to September) the temperature is warm, so all you need is your summer clothes, loose-fitting clothes for the Yoga, sunglasses and a sunscreen and a cap is a good idea. Don't forget to bring a warm sweater as it can be quite windy on the coast and it can cool down in the evenings. In the spring, winter and fall it's a good idea to bring some warmer clothes and maybe a rain jacket for those few rainy days and of course again some comfy loose-fitting clothes for the Yoga.  But don't forget to bring some lighter clothes for those lovely sunny days!

Do I need to bring my own Yoga mat and /or surf gear?

Yogaion provides for all the mats, props and other attributes. So you can bring your Yoga mat, but it is not necessary. Also all the surf gear like wetsuit, board & leash are provided for.


How is the weather?

Good all year around. Rainy days do happen, but usually not too much. The summers are dry, warm and sunny all day.

How is the water temperature?

The south and southwest coast of Portugal has the cold water stream flowing past it year round, so the water temperature never get's tropical but in summer nice enough to swim in bathing suits. For surfing you need a 3/2 mm wetsuit all year around, August and September you can surf in shorts sometimes, in November - March we recommend 4/3 mm wetsuit.


How are the waves?

Good all year round! In the summer is usually better for beginners as the waves are smaller and the water warmer. In fall, winter, and spring the waves are bigger and better.
In what way do you practice sustainability at the retreats?
Great question :-) At Yogaion we try our best to do our bit for our environment and mother earth. This means we recycle, buy mostly local & organic food and host the retreats at houses that are (partly) using off-grid electra & water. From your part, we also ask for some awareness, so no water running while brushing your teeth, endless showers or daily new towels. It might not be enough, but hopefully, every little bit does help!
Can I join if I am pregnant?
You can, of course, join the retreat, but unfortunately, it is not possible to join the Yoga or surf classes if you are pregnant. The only exception to this rule is if you already have a very strong  Yoga practice and are willing to take pregnancy classes before the retreat. Hence, you know better what to do & avoid and most importantly take complete responsibility and knowledge that the most important thing at this time is the pregnancy & the health of the mother & baby. 
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