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Yoga with Shaini

Yoga with Shaini

Through this Youtube channel, I would like to share with you my passion for moving our bodies. Being your guide so you can become your own best teacher. Bringing you back to your authentic self, practising you. I am a certified IYENGAR® yoga teacher, FRC® mobility specialist, ISSA® corrective exercise specialist and hold Anusara & Hatha Yoga certificates. I am forever a student and now, after the birth of our daughter, I am immersing myself in Pilates to help with my postpartum recovery. I have a deep passion for the feminine side of body movement, working with the female cycles to encourage female health & create a profound connection to our ever-changing bodies. Now I want to share this passion with you & you don't even need to leave your house :-)


Practice you ❤️


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With love, Shaini 

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