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The women’s wisdom & sculpt retreat from 14-20September taking place in stunning Cantabria Spain.

A week of women’s hormonal health through:
sculpt yoga: a fusion of strength training, mobility & release;

delicious food specifically for women’s health;

connecting to the element of water, as water represents our feminine qualities.
This retreat will be empowering. A time to reconnect back to our feminine essence. 

Amidst the backdrop of beautiful Cantabria. Inspired by the natural rhythm and light of the green Spanish coast.

womens yoga and surf retreat cantabria
womens yoga & strength retreat
womens health retreat


This retreat will be an immersive experience, into our female embodiment, designed to transform more than your body.

What happens when we connect to our true selves? When we really listen?

This retreat will soften & empower us. Bringing us in contact with our strength, our female power. Combining the element of water through surf & healing thermal springs. Using sculpt yoga as an embodied somatic practice. Nourishing our body with  delicious foods that not only nourish our body, but touch our soul.


Through a combination of sculpt yoga which is an embodied & somatic practice created by Shaini Verdon. Combining the body & mind connection of yoga, with the functional (core) training of Pilates, adding resistance training which is so important for female bodies, even more so after the age of 35, not only for our physics but also to empower us. Add to that mix: cardio low-impact training & bring into it the fluidity and calmness that the ocean can bring.

"What if there was a way to get the mind & body connection of Yoga & Meditation AND the low-impact, full-body benefits of Pilates & resistance training?" ~ Shaini Verdon


The connection between women and water is rooted in the recognition of women as the carriers of life and the keepers of sacred knowledge related to the element's transformative power. In this retreat, we will embody this connection through the practice of women's surf classes, by plunging ourselves in healing thermal springs & through the element of fluidity that the sculpt classes will bring us. If surfing is something you are not interested in then there also a possibility to immerse yourself in a massage, cooking workshop &  beach rides to soak up the ocean air.


We understand food as energy, nurturing and healing the physical body to allow our other bodies to expand. All our food will be gluten-free, dairy-free (with the odd special treat if wanted) & refined sugar-free. Ingredients are high quality, organic & carefully selected locally sourced, accordingly to the seasons. It will be created with the female body in mind. Plant-based as the main star with  locally-sourced fish & beef added for those  that want to add this, as fully vegan is also possible.


The whole retreat is focused on women's hormonal health. There are quite a few major life events driven by hormonal changes in the female body—including puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause & menopause. The first stepping stones to keep these fluctuations in balance is through exercise, mindset & food. The elements of sculpt yoga, fluidity, intention setting, journaling & nourishment. Will not only reset during the retreat, but this week will also give you tools to stay connected & in balance. As we practice for longevity.


womens yoga & surf retreat Cantabria
womens strength and yoga retreat
womens wellness retreat Spain_edited.jpg


14-20 September 2024 at Pontones retreat house amidst the green hills of the Cantabrian coast in Spain

Included in this retreat:

  • 6nights stay at our wonderful venue in Cantabria, Spain

  • 3 healthy, abundant vegetarian meals a day [cooked and prepared freshly by loving hands every single day! Most of the food we will eat will be organic & or local.]

  • all filtered water, herbal tea & coffee

  • 10 yoga sculpt classes

  • all yoga mats etc

  • journaling "journaling is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time"

  • women's circles "when women get together in a circle magic happens"

Extra in the different options:

  • WITH SURF: 3 days of surf & 1 thermal bath experience

  • WITHOUT SURF 1 massage, 1 cooking workshop, beach rides & 1 thermal bath experience

NOT included:

  • flights 

  • airport transfer

  • travel insurance

How to get there?

Santander airport is the closest, around 20km & Bilboa airport 90 km. From both airports transfer can be arranged, please email for the exact price, as it can be shared with others. There is also a possibility to fly into Madrid & from there enjoy a 4 hour train ride to Santander & the Cantabrian coast. For more info go to


Massage treatments (1 hour 40€ / 1.5 hour  60€)

Surf classes 30€ without transfer

Example day women's sculpt retreat

7.30 wake up to the sound of nature 

8.00 Morning Yoga Class

9.45 Yummy Breakfast

12.00 surfing, massage or thermal bath experience

14.00 lunch or lunchbox

16.00-18.00 Free time to relax

18.00 restorative yoga class

19.40 delicious dinner

20.30 women's  circle or journalling


Shared € 940

maximum 2 per room (sharing a bathroom with 2 other rooms)

Double € 1060 

twin or double bed (with ensuite or sharing a bathroom with 1 other room)

Single € 1485 

 (with private bathroom or sharing a bathroom with 1 other room)

yoga & surf retreat Cantabria
womens yoga & surf retreat Spain

About Cantabria & the retreat house

The locals call it Cantabria infinita, this beautiful hidden jewel with its rolling green hills. Boasting a coastline over 220 km long and has more than 90 beaches open to the Cantabrian Sea. There are beaches for every taste:  big, small, urban, wild, cosy, calm, family… some of them just 10 minutes from the airport! Nestled in between the Picos de Europa and the Basque country, it truly has infinite possibilities to explore.

The retreat house is located in Pontones facing south with beautiful views of the mountain ranges. It is only 7km from the stunning beach of Playa de Somo where all the surfing will take place. Somo is a very large sandy beach with a length of about 4 km, renowned for its golden sands and surf-friendly waves.

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