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Health Food

“At the intersection of nourishment and nature, find your path to wellness. Each meal a celebration, every moment a step closer to tranquillity.”

local organic yoga retreat food

Come and ignite your taste buds during our retreats with health food & all the delicious plant based meals. All prepared with fresh, local, mostly organic ingredients & most important Love! Without any added processed sugars or other processed ingredients.​

Health Food & Nourishment at Our Retreats

At Yogaion Retreats, we believe that nourishment is an essential part of the wellness journey. Each meal is crafted to not only satisfy the taste buds but also to support the physical and spiritual activities of our retreats. We focus on using organic, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Our meals are designed to energize and revitalize, complementing the daily yoga practices and enhancing the overall retreat experience. From vibrant, energizing breakfasts to nourishing dinners, every dish is prepared with care, intention, and a deep respect for nature and our bodies.


In addition to enjoying our exquisite daily menus, guests have the opportunity to delve deeper into the art of food preparation through our inspiring cooking workshops available during the retreats in Portugal. These workshops are more than just learning recipes; they are a journey into the world of mindful eating and sustainable cooking practices.

Meet Your Retreat Chefs

At our Women’s Sculpt Retreat in Spain, the kitchen is helmed by Will, who expertly combines local ingredients into dishes that enhance your retreat experience with robust and comforting flavours. During this women's retreat, we understand the profound role food plays in overall wellness. We view food as a source of energy, nurturing, and healing for the body, supporting the expansion of the mind and spirit. Our culinary philosophy is grounded in women's health and mindfulness: We steer clear of highly inflammatory ingredients such as gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. For those who wish to indulge, we offer special treats like occasionally treated cheese. Every dish is prepared using the highest quality, organic ingredients that are locally sourced and seasonally appropriate. This ensures freshness and supports local communities. Designed for Women's Health: Our menu is primarily plant-based, crafted with the female body in mind, and includes optional choices for locally sourced fish and beef.


In Portugal, chefs Xana and Ana bring their culinary expertise to the Yoga, Surf & Wellness Retreat and the Pause Retreat. Their creative and health-focused menus reflect the natural bounty of the region, ensuring each meal supports your wellness journey. Additionally, Xana and Ana lead our acclaimed cooking workshops, sharing their passion for nutritious cooking and giving guests hands-on experience in creating meals that are both wholesome and delightful.

Xana & Ana have a commitment to sustainability which deepens through a farm-to-table approach that minimizes food waste and maximizes nutritional value. They are passionate advocates for this sustainable dining practice. They believe that the way we eat represents a revolution, transforming not just our bodies but our relationship with the earth. Our meals during the retreats in Portugal are all plant-based, with ample vegetarian options, reflecting our dedication to eco-conscious living.


Through our food, we aim to nourish more than just the body—we nourish the soul. Our approach is best summarized by our philosophy: ‘Nourishment over diet: feed your body, nourish your soul.’


Whether indulging in Will’s carefully crafted dinners or engaging in a lively cooking workshop with Xana and Ana, your culinary experience at Yogaion Retreats will be as transformative as your yoga and wellness activities.

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