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retreat Portugal

Retreat to your ultimate experience!

"Take a moment to reconnect, to bring your mind to your body. Take a moment at Yogaion retreats"

Rolling Yoga Mat
Rolling Yoga Mat at retreat


Inspired by the natural rhythm and light on the southwestern coast of Portugal. This retreat will be an immersion to connect deeply back to the essence of yourself.  Through yoga & movement practice, through surf and ocean therapy, through nutritious & healthy food, through wellness practices. So that you can reemerge relaxed, energized & empowered. A hidden jewel amidst the rolling green hills of a natural park close to the coast. Come experience your retreat in Portugal & Spain.

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Retreat to Pause at Yogaion
Retreat for Surfing in Portugal, finding nature connection while catching waves
Retreat for women in Spain, ancient sculpture symbolizing women's health
Retreat peace written on beach

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