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The Surf  Yoga retreat package with cooking

 A serene blend of yoga, surf, and a culinary workshop

Yogaion yoga and surf retreats

Welcome to our Surf Yoga Retreat, enhanced with a special cooking workshop. As part of the exceptional Yoga, Surf & Wellness retreat series. Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of yoga, feel the deep connection with nature through surfing, and delight in the art of cooking - all in one. Perfect your yoga poses, catch waves on pristine beaches, and whip up culinary wonders in the tranquil surroundings of Portugal's Algarvian Southwest coast. This retreat is designed to diverse interests, offering three tailored packages:

Dive deep into Yoga & Surfing

Focus on Yoga & holistic wellness

A comprehensive blend of all activities

Embark on our Surf Yoga Retreat with a culinary experience, where twice daily yoga sessions align body, mind, and spirit. Begin your mornings with an invigorating yoga class, integrating mental and emotional clarity through advanced alignment.  Dive deeper into your connection with nature through three days of transformative surfing. This retreat package also includes a hands-on cooking workshop, where you'll learn to prepare healthy, delicious meals using mostly organic, seasonal ingredients. With a limited group size of 10-12 participants, our retreat ensures personalized attention and fosters a warm communal atmosphere. 


  1. Yoga & Surf ~ 10 yoga classes & 4 days surf at the most stunning beaches

  2. Yoga & Wellness ~ 10 yoga classes, 1 mindfulness session, 1 cooking workshop, 2 amazing massages.

  3. Yoga, Surf & Cooking ~ 10 yoga classes, 3 days surf at the most stunning beaches, 1 cooking workshop.

Beaches during surf yoga retreat

"Ride the waves of transformation - where Yoga meets the ocean's rhythm and culinary creativity feeds the soul"

All the packages will include 

  • 6 nights stay at our wonderful venue

  • 3 healthy, abundant vegetarian meals a day [cooked and prepared freshly by loving hands every single day! Most of the food we will eat will be organic & or local.]

  • all filtered water & herbal tea

  • all yoga classes

  • all yoga mats etc

  • Recipes of the week​

Specifically for the Yoga, surf & Cooking package

  • cooking workshop

  • 3 days beginner surf lessons

NOT included:

  • flights

  • airport transfer

  • travel insurance

  • massage

Surf lessons:

All the surf lessons will be given by the qualified & amazing team of  Future surf school

Surf lessons


Massage treatments (1 hour 55€ / 1.5 hour  70€)

Private mindfulness session (15€ pp starting from 3p)

Surf lessons (for prices please inquire)

Aura & Soul reading (65€)

Meditation Guidance (from 40€)

Example day Yoga, Surf & Cooking package

7.30 wake up to the sound of the ocean

8.00 inspiring yoga class

9.30 yummy Breakfast

11.00 surf pick up

surf & lunch at beach

18.00 restorative yoga class

19.30 delicious dinner

20.30 go out to watch the stars or sit by the fireplace

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