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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Dear friends & yogis, beginners & intermediates,
This week I will start with the first week in a series of 4weeks! It will be the perfect opportunity to start again with your practice, to deepen your practice, or for absolute beginners that want to know the basic essentials & proper alignment principals. It will also be perfect for all Yogi's coming from a different lineage than the Iyengar tradition, but who realise the amazing alignment behind Iyengar & want to apply this in their own practice!
Each week will be a different topic! Following a basic Iyengar sequence, which I will send to you after class so you can apply the alignment & adjustments in your home practice.
This week, the first week, will start from the essence, grounding ourselves connecting with the element EARTH!
The second & third week will be a different topic, building on to the one before & in the 4th week we will align them all together!!
So if you really want to know more about your practice or would like to know the basic alignment principals of Iyengar come & join!!
See you all Wednesday or Thursday :-)
Much love & a big hug,Shaini
Ps and if you can't come to all the weeks, no worries each class will have a review of the last!
Wednesday at 18.30 in Vales, Portugal
Thursday at 10.00 in Alfambras, Portugal
deepen your Yoga practice during classes

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