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Turning inward with Asana

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

inwards practice with Yoga

Yoga is an inward practice or a practice that we can use to explore the depths of our innerselves. On a physical level it puts you into these archetypal poses that let you feel the different aspects of your body, how you relate to them in space. They also help you become aware of blockages and the release of them, and on a more sensitive level to the release of energy.

All though a regular yogasana practice of 1.5hr will definitely bring great results, even just a few minutes per day doing these "simple" poses will improve your body & the state of your mind.


This is a pose that you can literally do anywhere; anytime; anyplace.


Extend your arms in front of you and interlock your fingers all the way towards the webbing then push them from inside out. Extend your arms and keep them extended (without bending the elbows) as you slowly bring the arms overhead in line with the ears. For people with tightness in their shoulders it is sometimes hard to keep the arms straight while bringing the arms overhead, just keep in mind that it is much more important here to keep the arms straight than to bring them overhead. Release and change the interlock of the fingers to repeat the pose. After each side take a moment to feel the sensations during the pose and see if the sensations are different after you have released the pose.

Ardha Uttanasana

This is a great allround pose as it aids in the opening of the back of the legs and shoulders and can bring a lot of awareness into the habits of the lower back. Place your hands on top of a chair, higher cabinet or against the wall. Walk your feet so far back so that they are underneath your hips. Have your feet hip width apart and place the feet so that the outer edge of the pinky and the heel are in line . Sense here if you have a tendency to drop in your lower back or arm pits or even both and correct this, so that the pose can be brought in between the shoulderblades and away from the over flexibility of the former. If your hamstrings are tight then this is a great pose to practice a lot. Stay here for a couple of breaths and sense where in your body you feel tightness, and see if with every exhalation you can release some of it.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is not necessarily an easy pose and one where you can keep on learning no matter how advanced your practice is. It is both an inversion and an arm balance and a great pose to practice regularly. Like the previous pose its also a perfect allround one. Move into Adho Mukha Svanasana or downwards dog pose from sitting on the heels with the toes tucked under, arms stretched out in front. Hands spread out on the floor at the with of the shoulders, pressing the hands into the floor and then lifting the hips up and straightening the legs. As this is such a complex pose with many instructions, adjustments & variations, I am going to leave it at these very simple instructions so that you can explore for yourself. Exploring how the pose feels for the different parts of your body and feeling the sensations that it brings up.

Most important of all enjoy your practice, wether it is a short one like this or during a full week on retreat, with open curiosity & exploration.

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