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Effortless reflective practice

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

(Adapted from Bobby Clennell's "Woman's Yoga book" & Anna Davis "Moving with the moon)

Restorative Yoga during menstruation

Supine resting position. Ly on back, knees together, feet apart. Breathe into belly, bring awareness into your pelvic floor, feeling how you slightly untuck your pelvis on your inhalation (your lower back will move away from floor): Exhale, relax and let the pelvis tuck gently. Centre here for a few breaths.

Apanasana - knee circles. Ly on back bring your knees slightly into wards you, holding on to the front of your knees or shins. Now rotate your knees, gently massaging your lower back & sacrum.

"Women are like the Moon, we change gradually from day to day. You never see the whole of the cycle; you can only ever see one phase." ~ Miranda Grey

Baddha konasana

Sit on ample height so that the knees are lower or on same height as hips.

Upavista konasana

Seated on floor or folded blanket

Adho mukha virasana

Place a bolster or rolled blankets for underneath your head

Cat pose & cat pose hip circles - come unto all fours, slightly untucking your pelvis (watch out that you don't over tuck, you do not want to bring any pressure into your womb area) relax your belly & pelvis and then very smoothly & slowly start circling your hips. Gently mobilising your spine & bringing space into your heart area.

During menstruation, you have to learn to rest physically and mentally. ~ Geeta Iyengar

Supta baddha konasana

Use a bolster or folded blankets and small folded blanket for your head. The belt is there to hold the pose and completely release into it.

Adho Mukha sukasana

Use enough height under your head so that you can keep some extension in front of spine.

Ardha Setu band sarvangasana

Keeping your knees bent in this pose, roll your top shoulders onto floor so that you create a lot openness in the chest and heart area.

Svasana with calves on chair

I use the belt around me knees here so that they don't fall apart and instead stay in line with the hips to create a lot of space in the womb & lower back area.

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