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Time to rethink humility

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Yoga & Asana

Talking about finding ones own uniqueness during a women’s circle last night, I came across this article on humility which I found so inspiring and really wanted to share ❤️ In the West, humility is often connected to feeling low of oneself, not talking to loud, being the quite humble one. In contrast, in Japan, being humble isn’t about feeling low about oneself or about aiming low. The Japanese attitude toward humility is summed up in the word kamiwaza, which translates to “like the gods.” It denotes a state of total dedication to a task, being fully immersed in perfecting it. This might seem arrogant, but this is what humility should be about: working hard and trying to be the best you can be at something.

For instance, if you have a love of Yoga, it would be more humble to launch your own Yoga Retreat than to simply stick with your day job and do uninspired work. So the work is to find out who you really are, connect to that & then let that shine ⭐️

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