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Meditation in Action

IT IS WIDELY BELIEVED THAT THE ORIGINAL PURPOSE of yoga asana was to prepare the body for meditation. However one can also embody their meditation in a yoga asana practice: meditation-inaction, which invites the yogi to observe and become familiar with mental and physical habits, to relax the grip of thought activity, and to kindly abide in the asana. Thus creating a mindful movement practice.

The process of a mindful yoga practice is similar to that in meditation: as we place our bodies in various shapes and then “sit with” what comes up.

Meditation is a technique to calm and still the mind, but not necessarily empty it. It is about being rather than doing. The primary focus is to observe the thoughts that arise, but not engage with them, and instead to simply let them pass you by.

Meditation practice: focusing your attention on a single element of your consciousness, for example, the breath, your bodily sensations or the sounds around you.

Meditation in action: in your asana (posture) focusing your attention on a single element of your bodily consciousness, for example, the breath, your alignment, the placement of your body in space (proprioception), the sensations & emotions that arise while in the posture.

Reflect how does it feel to practice your asana like this? What sensations during & after practice? Practicing mindfully & with awareness 🙏🏼

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