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Embark on a Mindfulness Retreat: Embracing the Power of Pausing

Updated: 6 days ago

When was the last time you paused and paid a visit to yourself?

Have you considered when was the last time you paused and paid a visit to yourself?

"Often when we pause we are still on automatic pilot and in ´doing modus´, engaged with our phones, social media, outside entertainment, people or with our (never stopping) activity of the mind like thinking, planning, organising, daydreaming or memorizing.

Ohm sign in sand, symbolizing a Mindfulness yoga retreat

So how do we truly pause? How do we find inner silence?

It is a practice that asks for inner work. A practice of cultivating the capacity to be with ourselves, no matter how we feel. Not coming from a place of reactive engagement with our inner or outer world, but coming from a place of responsiveness & compassion.

A mindfulness yoga retreat is rooted in the Practice of Pausing.

Only when we truly pause do we start to be aware of the beauty in life and the little things around us, the smile of a stranger, the song of a bird, a warm sunray on your face, the taste of lovely food, the look of a colorful flower.

When we cultivate this practice of pausing and consciously taking in what is good and beautiful around us on a deeper level, it builds up our levels of resilience. It feeds the neuro pathways in our brain that support our well-being and mental health.

Only when we pay attention mindfully; breath, pause and look with curiosity and kindness, we can start to discover reactive, habitual patterns that might not always be helpful in our day to day life with ourselves or in our interaction with others.

incense during the pause: a mindfulness yoga retreat

Christina Feldman (dharma teacher at Insight Meditation Society) writes;

"Action doesn´t always need to be the first step to solve our challenges, struggles, questions or problems in life. What about stopping first?
We are so used to accept that activity, will & effort are the only ways to create change, that we find it difficult to grasp that some of the deepest transformations of our heart will occur in the presence of silence. Silence is not a way of fixing the past, or planning the future; It´s a way of simply being present"

Have you ever looked at it this way?

We can find silence when we practice pausing.

Science is showing us clearly, that when we learn the practice of mindfulness, of pausing, we break the automatic neuro chainlink of reaction in our brain. Pausing gives us back the opportunity to consciously choose and respond. So we can explore new steps, actions and thoughts that are more helpful, wise or kind to others and/or ourselves.

All our yogaion retreats are an invitation into the Practice of Pausing. Stepping out of everyday life and habits, to pause, breathe and nourish yourself with healthy food, good yoga practice, surf, massage, workshops and great company.

Our retreat facilitator & and long-term Yogaion host Liz will dive deeper into the Practice of Pausing with you. She works as a Mindful Coach, Mindfulness Trainer, Grief companion and Birth Doula. Her passion is to support people to make life more meaningful and mindful.

In her Yogaion Mindfulness workshops, you will explore what it means to pause, to step out of automatic pilot, to look inward, to respond instead of react and to (re)discover the art of being (instead of doing). All her practices and services are rooted in mindfulness, positive psychology, science and the art of holding space. She offers a mindfulness workshop in our Yogaion Nourish Package and is available for one-to-one sessions throughout the retreat week.

If you truly want to dive deep into the art of Pausing during a mindfulness yoga retreat from 6-12 July there will be the Pause retreat. Created for you to take a moment to reconnect, to bring your mind to your body. To pause amidst the chaos of life.

beach walks during the mindfulness yoga retreat

Will our next Mindfulness yoga retreat be your Practice of Pausing?

Or would you like to Practice Pausing outside of our Yogaion Retreats?

Liz offers online Mindful Coaching sessions. Not only for you to Practice Pausing, but to facilitate inner change and find more depth and meaning in life. She supports you in gaining insight into who you are, your strengths, capabilities, values & needs; exploring how to make choices that are truly yours, integrating meditation & mindfulness in your life, learning about your feelings of grief & loss, to manage stress & work/life balance differently, to learn to understand and feel your feelings and to grow your resilience.

If you would like to work with Liz and are curious about coaching and her approach find her at FB Mindful Liz Insta: Liz_mindfulness

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