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Shaping the way the currents are flowing

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

10years ago while already practicing yoga for 4years, I got in contact with surfing. I remember the day like yesterday, lying on the board, catching my first ride just going a long the wave, not getting up, not even trying, just enjoying the energy of the wave and me surging a long on this magical energy. Thus from that day 2 passions where inset in my life, Yoga & Surf. Throughout the years while dedicating myself to both, I came to realize the power they have over each other. The way they aided each other and how by practicing one you could enjoy the other even more fully. Now 10years later I am still enjoying both immensely, all though in the last 2years I have been more focused on my Yoga practice, I pick my surfing days more consciously, going out on those perfect days, when I look at the waves and my whole body just get's excited and wants to go go go. I have also and am still so much enjoying sharing the magic of Yoga & Surf through Waves Within and hope to be sharing it for a long time to go, as my path continues, flows and changes like the waves never static always different with an undercurrent of stability. So too do I realize that the retreats flow, change with me, but always with a certain stability that never changes, keeping the groups small so that quality and personal attention are always there. Keeping the food delicious, nutritious, healthy, organic & local so that this too becomes an experience, a journey. Also the places we stay have to be special, with loads of comfort, even a tad of luxury and with ethics that flow with mine. The surf lessons need to be good with care for the students and deep dedication. Lastly the yoga classes as even though my journey here continues, as I develop and learn every day, the basis stays the same: proper alignment and care and love, which is enveloped with joy & laughter. Thank you all who have been a part of this journey, for a lot of you many times already and thank you for all that will still come a long, I am looking forward to meet you and share a part of our journey. As all of you are the ones that are teaching me so much and are shaping the way the currents are flowing. So thank you with deep gratitude & love.

Namaste Shaini

special Yoga & Surf retreats in the Algarve of Portugal

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