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No Yoga props? No problem!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Getting ready to start my online yoga classes on the 19th of May, I have realised that probably not everyone will have all the yoga props used. During an online class, there will of course not be the extensive use of props like in a studio or at a retreat! But the basic ones like blocks, a belt, a blanket and of course a mat are definitely a plus.

So what if you don't have these props available to you? What can you use instead?


Try using books instead. Softcover books will be more comfortable to sit on whereas hardcover books may feel sturdier for placement under hands. Or you could grab a shoebox and fill it up with items to make it solid. Just be sure you won’t mind if the pages of those books get a bit frayed or the items in your box get slightly crushed!

Yoga belts

Try using scarves, ties, or shoelaces! Depending on how you’re using the prop, experiment with items around your home with different widths to find what works for you. Just be sure to check that the fabric or material that it’s made of is strong enough to hold your stretch.

Yoga blanket

In all seriousness, nobody really needs a yoga-specific blanket. All you really need is any type of blanket that you’re okay with potentially getting a bit sweaty.

Yoga blankets are often rolled up to support parts of the body, used to slide the knees or feet across hard flooring, or used to keep warm during savasana. You could even use a regular towel or a bed sheet.

Yoga mat

What is a yogi without a yoga mat 😉 When you want to get your practice in but are without a mat, try taking your practice to carpeted flooring or use a rug that has non-slip padding. You may be able to get away with practicing on a towel or blanket as a substitute for a mat, but carpets and padded rugs are ideal for being easier to grip and to avoid sliding around.

Still not sure? My colleague Sara Luz @sementeyogastudio gives some great tips on her instagram account.

You can also of course always invest in some props. I usually get mine from these 3 places: / (In Dutch) /

Or maybe you can find a yogastudio/shop close to you that sells props. I am sure your support is very welcome in these trying times.

Hope to see you soon in the virtual space, for some online classes.

With love,


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