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To Surf or not to Surf

Often I get asked if it is also possible to not surf during the retreats? And the answer is a big YES :-)

All the retreats are made in such a way that there is always the possibility to choose between 3 different packages: Yoga & Surf; Yoga,Surf & Nourish; and for the none surfers there is the lovely Yoga & Nourish pamper package.

This set up has been working great and even though there are mainly solo (surfing) yogis joining it gives the chance for friends & family to travel together to the retreat even if they don't want to do do the same things.

So what does the Yoga & Nourish package entail?

Like already mentioned above it's the ultimate pamper package. Besides what is in all the packages which is 10 Yoga classes, accommodation in the wonderful luxury beach side quinta and all the deliciously prepared meals that you are used to from Yogaion. The nourish package has:

2 wonderful massages

1 great cooking workshop

1 mindfulness session with Liz

So if you do come with someone that choses to go surfing then all the yoga classes, breakfasts and dinners will be together and when your friend or loved one goes surfing you will be having a wonderful massage and having a relaxing time by the pool :-) If you do want to go the beach just not for surfing, then that's also not a problem as the house is only 400mtr away from Meia Praia beach.

For more information on the Yoga & Nourish package have a look here:

Hope to see you all for a wonderful retreat :-)

With love,


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