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A journey to your most authentic self.

Practice You

Yoga teaches you to listen to your own body and gives you the desire to work with it, rather than against it. During your practice, an immense sense of awareness of how your body is feeling and what it is trying to tell you will arise. You will for instance start noticing how stress manifests in your body or the amount of tension you hold in your shoulders.

This is the true practice of yoga. Becoming aware of this beautiful body you reside in through which you can experience life. With all its ups & downs. It is definitely not about how flexible you are or which proficiency you reach in a pose. It is so important to constantly remind ourselves of this. So that we don't lose the true essence & beauty of our asana practice.

When we start practising like this, from the inside out. We come to realise that observing the physical sensations that arise, is where the practice of yoga really lies. This will give you a greater awareness of yourself. It will improve the connection that you feel to your body in a way you maybe never thought was possible. Which will fuel your desire to treat yourself in a loving and healthy way.

With love,


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