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Adho mukha Yoga strength

A short sequence to get into #retreat mood ❤️here breaking down a #adhomukhasvanasana into #chaturanga #movement flow. After the first video it shows which primary movements are needed for mainly chaturanga, as most find this the hardest part and after that there are 2 regressions: regressing to progress 🙌 #yogateacher@shainiverdon

1️⃣ Adho mukha svanasana into chaturanga dandasana and back. Repeat

2️⃣ to move into chaturanga, protraction and retraction of the scapula should be fluid. Place a block in between your palms, then move back & forward from the scapula. Keeping the elbows straight & the neck from moving so as not to compensate from those areas.

3️⃣ another area needed is the elbow joint. A hinge joint that can flex & extend and also rotate from the radius. With the movements shown you go through its full range of mobility

4️⃣ regression: from adho mukha go into plank, then chaturanga, if needed come back up using your knees

5️⃣ regression: using the chair is a great way to do this movement!

PS. Instead of doing a lot of repetitions see if you can do less but controlled all the way 🙌


With love,

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