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A Journey to Yoga Sculpt Empowerment through Movement and Mindfulness

Updated: May 7

drawing symbolizing yoga sculpt

After becoming a mother at 41 and delving into the intricate world of hormonal health, I felt a pressing need to reclaim control over my body’s narrative. With more than two decades of intensive yoga practice behind me, and confronting the challenges of the pre and postnatal phases along with natural ageing, I found myself longing for something beyond traditional yoga. This longing steered me back to my early days of fitness, well before my yoga journey commenced. By blending strength training, Pilates, mobility exercises, and functional core workouts into my routine, I witnessed transformative changes that yoga alone could not offer.

The epiphany was profound: Could I merge the mental and physical harmony of yoga and meditation with the gentle, all-encompassing benefits of Pilates and resistance training? Add to that the feminine elegance of flowing movements and a deep, intrinsic connection to the ocean—enhanced by two decades of surfing—and I found my answer.

woman practicing sculpt workout through yoga

Thus, Yoga Sculpt was born. This unique program is a somatic, body and mind awareness regimen tailored specifically to empower women. Here, you are encouraged to take an active role in your healing process. It’s about empowerment, shedding self-imposed limitations, and emerging stronger, more resilient, and more capable.

Each session is meticulously designed to build strength, improve mobility, and deepen the connection between your body and mind. Through guided practices, you will learn to synchronize your movements with your breath, embodying the quiet power of focused, deliberate action.

Yoga Sculpt Retreat

This year brings an exhilarating new chapter for our community—the Women’s Wisdom & Sculpt Retreat in the beautiful region of Cantabria, Spain. For the first time, I will be offering Yoga Sculpt as part of our retreat program, designed to empower and enlighten through movement and mindfulness.

Set against the serene backdrop of Cantabria’s breathtaking landscapes, this retreat is an invitation to deepen your practice and explore the synthesis of yoga, strength training, and Pilates in a setting that embodies peace and natural beauty. It’s a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in learning and growth, surrounded by like-minded women dedicated to their health and inner wisdom.

Join us for a transformative experience where you can relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your body and mind. Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early!

beach settings during yoga sculpt retreat

Want to already experience this Embodied Practice!

Sign up here to receive a 20-minute Hips & Glutes Mobility & Strength Practice.

This workout focused on hips and glutes—key areas that often signal weakness rather than mere tension. This session includes a combination of strengthening exercises, mobility enhancements, and dynamic stretching before easing into passive stretches that still retain an essence of activity. It’s designed to give you a taste of what Sculpt Yoga can offer, emphasizing the strength and flexibility required to support these critical areas.

It’s more than a workout; it’s a stepping stone to greater self-awareness and physical empowerment. Join us on this journey and take a step towards reclaiming your body’s narrative.

With love,


Practice you ❤️

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