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Yoga retreat & the Power of sound

mantra singing at yoga retreat

Next year we will host the very special the Pause retreat. A retreat where you can take a moment to reconnect, to bring your mind to your body. To pause amidst the chaos of life. One of the ways to achieve this during a Yoga retreat is with the power of sound. As the practice of kirtan or chanting mantra regularly has been shown to bring our bodies back into balance, promoting holistic wellbeing: mental, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

kirtan at yoga retreat

Kirtan is a call and response style of singing that originated in India and became popular around the 12th century. There is a lead singer who introduces a chant or mantra at a low tempo. Participants respond back. There are typically some instrumentalist to help get the music going.

Kirtans were originally written in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. The Sanskrit alphabet has a strong energetic and vibrational component—it is said that the words, when chanted, create a powerful vibration in the body, affecting a person’s mind and spirit 🙏🏾 Come and experience the power of sound during the Pause retreat from 6-12 July with our lovely teacher Catarina

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