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Release & know that you are Free

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Release & let go during a Yoga retreat

In day to day life we are getting busier and busier, our lists our huge and never ending. We tick of some boxes, only to add on new things. Things to do, get, attain, and so on and so on..

When we come to Yoga class our first experience lies in the feeling of liberation as for this short time during Yoga, we can put our list aside, not think about the things we need to do. During class, even just for that small amount of time we are in total bliss, focused only in the present moment, on our breathe, on our whole being & consciousness. It’s a beautiful feeling, something that we want to come back to over and over again. Hence the fact why probably there are some many of us enjoying Yoga.

But what if this is not enough and you are feeling that there must be something else. That this experience of freedom & liberation on the Yoga mat is actually a state that you could constantly be in, that it actually feels like your true state?

During our lives, from a very young age already, we get thought that life is not safe, that life is always a competition, in which we need to attain certain goals, get good grades, an even better job, a mortgage and so on and so on. We have to, we should, we need to. Do this and this, and that and more and more and more. And so our lists get endless always filling up.

So what can we do to bring this state of freedom, this state of true self that we feel on the Yoga mat into our daily life, moment to moment.

First of all we can take it small steps at a time. Realizing that all the conditioning we have had, creating our current states, has taken us years to attain. So to release all of it, this will take us probably even longer…But we can start right now, with the realization that there are no lists, they are creations. We don’t need to do anything, don’t have to do something, shouldn’t do this or that. It’s all a choice, You don’t have to do anything!

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