5 essential yoga poses for surfing yogis

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Longboard Surfing in the Algarve of Portugal

Surf loves Yoga! The combination of Yoga & Surf is a truly magical one. On so many ways they complement each other. All though on a physical level I have experienced that yoga is a lot more beneficial for surf than surf is for yoga. Where Yoga opens up the body. Surf tends to close it, as you mainly (over) use the shoulders and there is a strong habit of overarching the lower back. Here’s a list of 5 poses to keep you open & stretched!

1.Mountain pose with hands clasped behind back. (Paschima baddha hastasana)

Why: After a long, fun day of surfing your shoulders might feel like they are up by your ears and your shoulder blades poked forward in full turtle pose.

Benefits: shoulder joint opening & opens chest.

How: Stand with feet hip width apart in mountain pose, clasp your hands behind your back (or place a belt around the wrists if shoulders are very tight) straighten the arms. Now keeping the clavicle bones wide, move the top of the shoulders back, trapezium down & shoulder blades in, hold for 30-60sec. Then change the interlock of the fingers and repeat the same actions.

2. Extended triangle pose (uthhita trikonasana)

Why: One of the most difficult parts of surfing is the take off. This is the moment when you need to get from a supine pose to a standing pose, while riding a long the wave. The main culprit for this difficulty is the hip area.