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Riding the yogic waves

surf retreat Portugal

“What’s the difference between yoga and stretching?”

At first glance, it may seem that yoga is simply a form of stretching, and in fact, a lot of yoga poses do stretch the body in various ways.

(Photography by Karo Krassel)

But just as surfing is more than mere exercise, yoga is more than just stretching.

You see, yoga is not just about flexibility, strength & a healthy body.

Yes, you definitely WILL become more flexible & strong when you do yoga, but it’s almost like a side-benefit.

Just like surfing, yoga is a way of living, a way of being. Yoga becomes a part of you — sometimes developing slowly; other times happening dramatically — and you learn to draw on your yoga reserves right when you need them.

"Riding a wave is for many, a highly spiritual experience which presents itself as an outward expression of their yoga & meditation practices"

"What happens when I practice Yoga?"

You might find that you start to focus on your breath during a stressful situation, or you might surprise yourself by staying calm and centered instead of being overrun by your emotions.

You might notice that you’re sleeping better, experiencing more energy and better moods.

You might naturally and without effort begin to eat more healthfully and take better care of yourself, and feel great about doing so.

And of course, you likely will experience greater energy and endurance on the waves and more pure stoke in your everyday life!

That’s because when you practice Yoga, you learn to breathe consciously and stay aware of what you’re feeling in each pose.

You learn to remain open to what you’re feeling, without opinion or judgment — and instead, to embrace the experience at hand.

And then you translate that sense of calm energy and focused awareness to your everyday life so that each moment comes into razor-sharp view.

That means no more sleep-walking through life!

Instead, no matter what comes up — from the rides to the wipe-outs — you learn to stay balanced and centered, open and free.

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you begin to live in that state of yoga, which is a sense of oneness, of wholeness, of well-being.

"Want to experience the combination of Yoga & Surfing, to stay centered & focused, experiencing life more fully?"

Come and join one of the retreats this year. During the retreats we offer different Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness packages not only so that everyone can choose what suits them best, but also because all these 3 disciplines are a great way to experience full awareness, balance & calmness.

So not only will it be a great week of fun & joy, with healthy delicious food in an absolutely stunning & magical place. There will also be much deeper work happening, in the deeper layers of our being which we can draw on for a long time after the retreat has finished.

DATES 2018

7-13 April Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (Full)

28April-4 May Yoga, Surf & Nourish (Full)

26May-1June Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (Full)

16-22 June Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (2 spaces left)

24-30June Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness ( 7 spaces left)

15-21 July Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (4 spaces left)

1-7 September Women's retreat (7 spaces left)

9-15 September Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (2 spaces left)

6-12 October Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness (5 spaces left)

14-20 October Yoga, Surf & Mindfulness ​(7 spaces left)

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