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Reflect & turn inwards

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

“The only way out is IN” ~ Sadhguru

Turn inwards with Yoga

As the Northern hemisphere is turning towards winter time, it is a great time to turn inward & to reflect more on the philosophical side of Yoga. Just like with the physical side approach this with some open curiosity, joy & fun :-)

"As human beings we have lost a fundamental distinction between inward & outward. We are the most comfortable generation that has ever lived on this planet. The rub is that we are definitely not the most joyful, or the most loving, or the most peaceful. Why. Because we have focused everything on the outward environment. So much so that there is nearly no environment left... it is time for a shift. Inward needs to become the new out."

These inspiring words by Sadhguru resonate deeply with most of us & is one of the main reasons that Yoga & Meditation have become so popular. As with these practices we have a chance to connect to ourselves, take a moment to see how it is going on in there. To finally just take a breath & a moment for yourself.

In the Yoga Sutras (one of the very first treaties ever written about yoga about 2500 years ago) Patanjali opens up with Sutra 1:1 which tells us, “Now begins the instruction on the practice of yoga.” We begin from wherever we are, in this present moment and each time we begin our practice, it is fresh.

But what exactly is yoga? Patanjali answers this question in sutra 1:2: “Complete mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind is yoga.”The mind is our greatest tool and most prized possession, but our mind is frequently clouded—distracted, filled with worry or negativity, or endlessly chasing after what it thinks will bring us happiness. These are the roaming tendencies, or vrittis, that keep our mind constantly spinning in a whirlpool of our own thoughts. The mind can only be truly peaceful when it is at rest. So how do we achieve mastery over the mind’s roaming tendencies? By turning inward through practices like Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness.

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