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Embodiment Practices in Cyclical Living

Updated: May 15

Everything moves in cycles: the cosmos with its overarching cycles, the seasons, the lunar and monthly rhythms, and the daily revolution of the sun. These natural cycles influence our physical state profoundly. Humanity has long recognized this cyclical connection, with our myths and tales frequently exploring themes of regeneration and renewal. Essentially, this encapsulates the human experience—our physical and mental states continuously evolving through every moment, day, and year, in a perpetual process of rebirth.

"The ocean's dance with the moon, sun, and earth creates a resonance that echoes within us. Our bodies, composed of 70% water, respond to this celestial ballet in ways that are deeply rooted in our being. Ancient cultures have always sensed this connection, believing the ocean's tides to reflect the ebb and flow within us."

Imagine integrating this cyclical approach into your daily life. Imagine if you could shift your perspective to see life as something that respects and aligns with the natural rhythms around us, rather than adhering to a relentless cycle of work and production that often leads to stagnation or burnout.

These natural rhythms communicate with us through:

  • Seasons

  • Lunar cycle

  • Plants growing phases

  • Menstrual cycle (Read more here for an adapted Moon cycle practice)

  • Natural expansion and contraction phases–when you consider your life, you likely can notice these types of years that you’ve been through.


Both Yogis and surfers deeply connect with these rhythms through embodiment practices. In Yoga, your practice offers firsthand knowledge of your body’s unique form and rhythms, providing insights and tools needed to adapt to ever-changing conditions with each passing moment. This understanding not only connects you to your essence but also guides you in honouring your current state.

Embodiment practices symbolized by an ancient Shiva statue, representing spiritual renewal and natural rhythms
"Yoga is an invitation to step into the cyclical rhythms of your body & mind and to release the fears that prevent you from living fully and inline with your true nature."


Surfing brings its own awareness, known as surf-awakening, that deepens our connection to nature and its immense force. The ocean, free from human-imposed rules, obeys only its own vast, often incomprehensible laws, creating an unpredictable environment that demands surfers be both proactive and reactive, keenly attuned to their instincts and surroundings. This connection to the ocean’s cycles often induces a meditative state known as flow, enhancing mental activity and spiritual connectivity during surfing. A state of serenity but increased mental activity during which surfers do not only connect with themselves but nature. No wonder surfing is frequently perceived as a unique spiritual experience.

Embodiment practices demonstrated by a surfer expertly navigating the waves
"Riding a wave is for many, a highly spiritual experience which presents itself as an outward expression of their yoga & meditation practices"


At Yogaion retreats, we blend the practices of Yoga and Surfing with the natural cycles of the sun and moon and eating seasonally. This integration helps us reconnect with our essence, our rhythms, and our true nature, significantly benefiting our health, state of mind, and overall well-being. We believe this approach not only reconnects us with our planet but also uses our collective history to move forward in a way that nurtures our planet, our bodies, our minds, and our souls.

Embodiment practices captured by a close-up of a hand forming a yoga mudra

"If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees." This moving line is taken from the ‘Book of Hours’' by Rainer Maria Rilkes.


This year, Yogaion introduces a new cycle of retreats, marking another phase of renewal and growth. We continue to evolve, keen to share our time and knowledge with you, fostering mutual growth on this extraordinary journey of life through embodiment practices. So, that we can grow together on this amazing journey called life.

With love,


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